Experiencing global architecture

By Megan Fowler As I completed my study abroad trip in Rome, a smaller group of classmates and I chose to continue our time abroad, traveling to Istanbul Turkey for three weeks. During this time we completed a short design workshop with a Turkish University, allowing us to meet and interact with other architecture students. […]

Take a step back in time: italian architecture continues to amaze

By Sydney Garceau My study abroad experience through the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is primarily housed within Rome, Italy, but I have been fortunate enough to travel on weekends to other areas around Italy and Europe at large. I have discovered within my studies guided by the University (such as the recent Tuscany […]

The Layers of architecture in rome

By Stephanie Shue Rome is an ancient city that is layered with thousands of years of history. In my Architecture Rome History class we have talked extensively about palimpsest, which, in the context of the class, is when architecture is changed or reused over time. From visiting and studying numerous historical sites in Rome, I […]